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Renting a snowmobile in Canada

Renting a snowmobile and the equipment is a great way to sample the beauty and fun of snowmobiling. Rental agencies are found next door to vast snow lands and at lodges. You will get state-of-the-art equipment and create plenty of memories. We’ve got a pretty good list going, but please use it for reference only. We do not specifically endorse any of these locations. Use your best judgement when using a rental facility.
Rental agencies in Canadian provinces and territories


Ahmic Lake Resort

P.O. Box 18
Ahmic Harbour, ON P0A 1A0
Telephone: 866-857-7946
Website: www.ahmiclakeresort.com

Auld Reekie Lodge-Rentals

Hwy 560
Gowganda, ON P0J 1J0
Telephone: 705-624-3512
E-mail: info@auldreekielodge.com
Website: www.auldreekielodge.com

Bayview Wildwood Resort

1500 Port Staton Pkwy Rr1
Severn Bridge, ON POE 1N0
Telephone: 800-461-0243
Website: www.bayviewwildwood.com

Bear Trails Couples Resort

P. O. Box 310
Whitney-Algonquin Park, ON K0J 2M0
Telephone: 613-637-2662
Website: www.couplesresort.ca/

Buckeye Camp

625 Hwy 630 Rr 2
Mattawa, ON P0H 1V0
Telephone: 800-755-0617
E-mail: info@buckeyecamp.com
Website: www.buckeyecamp.com

Chimo Motel

11 Hwy West
Cochrane, ON P0L 1C0
Telephone: 705-272-6555

Commanda Lake Resort

Nipissing, ON P0H 1W0
Telephone: 705-729-5856
E-mail: info@commandalakeresort.com
Website: www.commandalakeresort.com

Deerhurst Resort

1235 Deerhurst Drive
Huntsville, ON P1H 2E8
Telephone: 800-461-4393
E-mail: info@deerhurstresort.com
Website: www.deerhurstresort.com

Delta Gandview Resort

939 Hwy 60 Grandview Drive
Huntsville-Muskoka, ON P1H 1Z4
Telephone: 888-890-3222
E-mail: gra.reservations@deltahotels.com
Website: www.deltahotels.com

Delta Pinestone Resort

4252 County Rd. #21
Haliburton, ON K0M 1S0
Telephone: 888-890-3222
E-mail: ttylee@deltahotels.com
Website: www.deltahotels.com

Delta Rocky Crest Resort

Rr#1 Hamer Bay Road
Mac Tier, Muskoka, ON P0C 1H0
Telephone: 888-890-3222
E-mail: deltanet@deltahotels.com
Website: www.deltahotels.com

Eagle Lake Country Store

R. R. # 1
South River, ON P0A 1X0
Telephone: 705-386-0056
E-mail: the_narrows@onlink.net
Website: www.eaglelakenarrows.com

Hollow Valley Cottages

Kawagama Lake Road
Dorset, ON POA 1E0
Telephone: 888-839-1864

HSR Ski-Doo Haliburton Sled Rentals

R.R. #1 Comp 217
Haliburton, ON K0M-1S0
Telephone: 705-SKI-DOOS(754-3667)
E-mail: info@skidoorentals.com
Website: www.skidoorentals.com

Jones Power Sports

320 Hwy 17
Wawa, ON P0S 1K0
Telephone: 705-856-7576
E-mail: jonespowersports@shaw.ca
Website: www.jonespowersports.com

Joyride Rentals

1235 Deerhurst Drive
Huntsville, ON P1H 2E8
Telephone: 705-789-7113 EXT. 4478
Website: www.skidoorentals.com

Kennisis Marina

1076 Wilkinson
Haliburton, ON K0M1S0
Telephone: 705-754-2352
E-mail: info@kennisismarina.net
Website: www.kennisismarina.net

Leatherdale Marine

R.R.#7, 5571 Hwy 12 South
Orilla, ON L3V 6H7
Telephone: 705-325-2249
E-mail: john@leatherdalemarine.com
Website: www.leatherdalemarine.com

Lincoln Motel

594 Lakeshore Drive
Sturgeon Falls, ON P1A2E6
Telephone: 705-742-3231
Website: www.lincolnmotel.net

Mountain Trout House Marina

P.O. Box 416
Dorset, ON P0A 1E0
Telephone: 705-766-2292
E-mail: info@mthmarina.com
Website: www.mthmarina.com

Muskoka Motion

558 Greer Road R. R. # 3
Utterson, ON P0B 1M0
Telephone: 705-789-0262
E-mail: info@muskokamotion.com
Website: www.muskokamotion.com

Muskoka Toy Rentals

2194 Muskoka Road 169
Gravenhurst, ON P1P1R2
Telephone: 705-687-1400
E-mail: steve@muskokatoyrentals.com

Pine Lodge

R.R.#1, Muskoka Rd. 10
Port Sydney, ON P0B 1L0
Telephone: 800-461-PINE (7463)
E-mail: pinelodgeinn@bellnet.ca
Website: www.pinelodgeinn.com

Power Sports & Marine

1912 Main St. West
North Bay, ON P1B 8G5
Telephone: 800-706-7789
E-mail: info@powersportsmarine.com
Website: www.powersportsmarine.com

Proline Recreation

R. R. #2, 2 Lee Valley Drive
Port Carling, ON P0B 1J0
Telephone: 705-765-6266

Redline Outdoors Snowmobile Rentals & Tours

1500 Port Stanton Parkway
Severn Bridge, ON P0E-1N0
Telephone: 519-502-2947
E-mail: sales@redlineoutdoors.ca
Website: www.redlineoutdoors.ca

Sand Lake Cottages & Inn

3758 Hwy 518 East Rr1
Kearney, ON P0A 1M0
Telephone: 705-636-5047
E-mail: sandlakecottages2@hotmail.com
Website: www.sandlake.on.ca

Speedy Snomobile Rentals

16 Kirkland St. East
Kirkland Lake, ON P2N 1P1
Telephone: 866-968-7533
Website: www.rentsnowmobile.com

Sportsman's Lodge

240 Kukagami Lake Road
Wahnapitae, ON P0M 3C0
Telephone: 877-708-8882
E-mail: info@sportsmanslodge.net
Website: www.sportsmanslodge.net

SWS Rentals

33 Harbour Square, Suite 1237
Toronto, ON M5J 2G2
Telephone: 888-475-4797
E-mail: teamsws@summerwatersports.com

The Cove

7062 Hwy 400
Mactier, ON P0C 1H0
Telephone: 705-375-2099
Website: www.thecove.ca

The Homestead Resort

Box 1102
Durham, ON N0G 1R0
Telephone: 800-380-6776
E-mail: resort@bmts.com
Website: www.homesteadresort.ca

Wayne's World

29513 Hwy 28 RR 3
Bancroft, ON K0L 1C0
Telephone: 613-332-4649
E-mail: info@waynesworldpolaris.ca
Website: www.waynesworldpolaris.ca

White Pine Cottages

P.O. Box 143
Lake St. Peter, ON K0L 2K0
Telephone: 613-338-2655
E-mail: info@whitepinecottages.ca
Website: www.whitepinecottages.ca

Wigamog Inn

1701 Wigamog Rd. Rr#2
Haliburton, ON K0M 1S0
Telephone: 800-661-2010

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