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Renting a snowmobile in the United States

Renting a snowmobile and the equipment is a great way to sample the beauty and fun of snowmobiling. Rental agencies are found next door to vast snow lands and at lodges. You will get state-of-the-art equipment and create plenty of memories. We’ve got a pretty good list going, but please use it for reference only. We do not specifically endorse any of these locations. Use your best judgement when using a rental facility.

Rental agencies in America


Cozy Moose Lakeside Cabins & Sled Rentals

P.O. Box 29
Greenville, ME 04441
Telephone: 207-695-0242
E-mail: cozymoose@mooseheadcabins.com
Website: www.mooseheadcabins.com

Crab Apple Whitewater

3 Lake Moxie Road
The Forks, ME 04985
Telephone: 800-553-7238
E-mail: info@crabapplewhitewater.com
Website: www.crabappleinc.com

Danas Rentals

General Delivery Main Street
Jackman, ME 04945
Telephone: 207-668-7828
E-mail: info@danasrentals.com
Website: www.danasrentals.com

East Branch Lodge

143 Skagrock Road
Haynesville, ME 04497
Telephone: 207-448-2891
E-mail: paul@eastbranchlodge.com
Website: www.eastbranchlodge.com

Enchanted Outfitters & Lodge

3775 US Route 201
West Forks, ME 04985
Telephone: 800-507-2238
E-mail: enchantedoutfitters@prexar.com
Website: www.enchantedoutfitters.com

Fiddleheads Inc.

75 Old Main Street
Eagle Lake, ME 04739
Telephone: 207-444-4833
E-mail: info@lakesidelodge.us
Website: www.lakesidelodge.us

Fryeburg Snowmobile Rentals

532 Main Street
Fryeburg, ME 04037
Telephone: 207-935-1220
E-mail: info@sledandbed.com
Website: www.sledandbed.com

Lunksoos Camp

P.O. Box 252
Sherman Mills, ME 04776
Telephone: 207-365-4548
E-mail: lee@lunksooscamps.com
Website: www.lunksooscamps.com

Moosehead Sled Repair & Rentals LLC

P.O. Box 57, Rockwood
Rockwood, ME 04478
Telephone: 207-534-2261
Website: www.mooseheadsled.com

Mr. Sled Rentals At Nothern Lights Motel

72 Houlton Road
Presque Isle, ME 04769
Telephone: 207-764-4441
E-mail: motel@northernlightsmotel.com
Website: www.northernlightsmotel.com

New England Outdoor Center

P.O. Box 669 Medway Road
Millinocket, ME 04462
Telephone: 800-776-7238
E-mail: info@neoc.com
Website: www.neoc.com

New England Outdoor Center

Black Cat Road
Millinocket, ME 04462
Telephone: 207-723-5438

North American Outdoor Adventure: The Outpost/River House

National Scenic Byway 201, P.O. Box 64
West Forks, ME 04985
Telephone: 800-727-4379
E-mail: info@nawhitewater.com
Website: www.nawhitewater.com

North Country Rivers

P.O. Box 633
Bingham, ME 04920
Telephone: 800-348-8871
E-mail: info@northcountryrivers.com
Website: www.ncrivers.com

North Woods Tours Inc. & First Settlers Lodge

P.O. Box 56
Weston, ME 04424
Telephone: 207-448-3000
E-mail: info@firstsettlerslodge.com
Website: www.firstsettlerslodge.com

Northern Outdoors

P.O. Box 100 Route 201
The Forks, ME 04975
Telephone: 207-663-4466
E-mail: info@northernoutdoors.com
Website: www.northernoutdoors.com

Northern Sno Sled Rentals Inc.

P.O. Box 25
St. Agatha, ME 04772
Telephone: 207-543-7355

Northwoods Outfitters

5 Lily Bar Road
Greenville, ME 04441
Telephone: 866-223-1380
E-mail: info@maineoutfitter.com
Website: www.maineoutfitter.com

Sun Valley Sports

129 Sunday River Road
Bethel, ME 04217
Telephone: 877-851-7533
E-mail: svs@sunvalleysports.com
Website: www.sunvalleysports.com

Sunrise Ridge

P.O. Box 435
Bingham, ME 04920
Telephone: 207-672-5551
E-mail: info@sunriseridgeguide.com
Website: www.sunriseridgeguide.com

The Birches Resort of Moosehead Lake

P.O. Box 41
Rockwood, ME 04478
Telephone: 800-825-9453
E-mail: wwld@aol.com
Website: www.birches.com

The Evergreens

P.O. Box 114 Ferry St./Route 201A
Solon, ME 04979
Telephone: 207-643-2324
E-mail: info@evergreenscampground.com
Website: www.evergreenscampground.com

The Lodge At Moosehead Lake

368 Lily Bay Road, P.O. Box 1167
Greenville, ME 04441
Telephone: 207-695-4400
E-mail: innkeeper@lodgeatmooseheadlake.com
Website: www.lodgeatmooseheadlake.com

The Sled Shop

108 Houlton Road
Presque Isle, ME 04769
Telephone: 207-764-2900

Three Rivers Snow

P.O. Box 100 Route 201
West Forks, ME 04985
Telephone: 800-786-6878

Wilsons on Moosehead Lake

Route # 15- Hc 37 Box 200
Greenville Junction, ME 04442
Telephone: 800-817-2549
E-mail: info@wilsonsonmooseheadlake.com
Website: www.wilsonsonmooseheadlake.com

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