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Renting a snowmobile in the United States

Renting a snowmobile and the equipment is a great way to sample the beauty and fun of snowmobiling. Rental agencies are found next door to vast snow lands and at lodges. You will get state-of-the-art equipment and create plenty of memories. We’ve got a pretty good list going, but please use it for reference only. We do not specifically endorse any of these locations. Use your best judgement when using a rental facility.

Rental agencies in America

New Hampshire

A Lil Man Snowmobile Rentals, Inc.

1455 Route 302 Box 447
Bartlett, NH 03812
Telephone: 1-888-440-6441/ 603-374-9257
E-mail: info@lilmansnowmobilerentals.com
Website: www.lilmansnowmobilerentals.com

Alpine Adventures

41 Main Street, P.O. Box 1059
Lincoln, NH 03251
Telephone: 888-745-9911
E-mail: www.alpinesnowmobiling.com
Website: info@alpinezipline.com

Jefferson Notch Snowmobile Rentals

1322 US Route 2
Randolph, NH 03593
Telephone: 800-345-3833
E-mail: bardenheuer@earthlink.net
Website: www.jeffnotchmotel-cabins.com

LL Cote Sports Center

P.O. Box 190 25 Main Street
Errol, NH 03579
Telephone: 800-287-7700
E-mail: llcoterecreation@ncia.net
Website: www.llcote.com

Lopstick Lodge & Cabins

45 Stewart Young Road
Pittsburg, NH 03592
Telephone: 603-538-6659
E-mail: www.cabinsatlopstick.com
Website: vacation@lopstick.com

Nh Snowmobile Rentals

Whitefield, NH
Telephone: 603-837-2224
E-mail: www.newhampshiresnowmobilerentals.com

Northern Extremes

Route 302
Barlett, NH 03812
Telephone: 866-792-2143
Website: www.northernextremessnowmobiling.com

Pathfinder Sno-Tours

Pittsburg, NH
Telephone: 603-538-7001

Tall Timber Lodge

609 Beach Road
Pittsburg, NH 03592
Telephone: 800-835-6343
E-mail: info@talltimber.com
Website: www.talltimber.com

Town & Country

P.O. Box 400
Center Conway, NH 03813
Telephone: 603-939-2698
E-mail: info@townandcountry.com
Website: townandcountry.com

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