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Renting a snowmobile in the United States

Renting a snowmobile and the equipment is a great way to sample the beauty and fun of snowmobiling. Rental agencies are found next door to vast snow lands and at lodges. You will get state-of-the-art equipment and create plenty of memories. We’ve got a pretty good list going, but please use it for reference only. We do not specifically endorse any of these locations. Use your best judgement when using a rental facility.

Rental agencies in America


A.J. Enterprises LLC

1526 East James Drive
Fruit Heights, UT 84037
Telephone: 801-698-2780

Alpine Powersports

370 North State Street
Lindon, UT 84042
Telephone: 801-785-2233
E-mail: info@alpinepowersports.com
Website: www.alpinepowersports.com

Backcountry Snowmobiling, LLC

4142 E. Chalk Creek Road
Coalville, UT 84010
Telephone: 435-336-7669
E-mail: info@backcountrysnow.com
Website: www.backcountrysnow.com

Bear Lake Funtime

1217 S. Bear Lake Blvd.
Garden City, UT 84028
Telephone: 435-946-3200
Website: www.bearlakefun.com

Beaver Creek Inc.

E 243 300 N
Milville, UT 84028
Telephone: 435-946-3400

Beaver Creek Lodge

11808 N Highway 89
Logan Canyon, UT 84028
Telephone: 800-946-4485
Website: www.beavercreeklodge.com

Big Pine Sports

340 N Milburn
Fairview, UT 84629
Telephone: 435-427-3338
E-mail: info@bigpinesports.com
Website: www.bigpinesports.com


735 E Movie Ranch Road
Duck Creek Village, UT 84762
Telephone: 435-682-2365
Website: www.backcountrypowersportsllc.com

Cache Honda Yamaha

3665 North Hwy 91
Hyde Park, UT 84318
Telephone: 800-563-6291
E-mail: markchy2001@yahoo.com
Website: www.cachehy.com

Club Rec, North

2429 N Hwy 158 #1
Eden, UT 84310
Telephone: 801-614-0500
Website: www.clubrecnorth.com

Daniels Summit Lodge

Hwy 40 Daniels Summit Pass
Heber City, UT 84032
Telephone: 435-548-2300
Website: www.danielssummit.com

Duck Creek Rentals LLC

885 E. Church Drive
Duck Creek Village, UT 84762
Telephone: 702-241-0790
E-mail: duckcreekrentals@gmail.com
Website: www.duckcreekrentals.com

Enoch Motorsports & Machine

694 E. Midvalley Road
Enoch, UT 84720
Telephone: 435-586-4567

Heber Motor Sports

950 S Main
Heber City, UT 84032
Telephone: 877-654-5799
E-mail: info@hebermotorsports.com
Website: www.hebermotorsports.com

Homestead Snowmobiling

975 W Golf Course Drive
Midway, UT 84049
Telephone: 435-654-5810
E-mail: info@snowmobileparkcity.com
Website: www.snowmobileparkcity.com

Lofty Peaks Adventures

975 Golf Course Drive
Midway, UT 84049
Telephone: 435-654-5810
Website: www.loftypeaks.com

Loose Wheels

55 Movie Ranch Road
Duck Creek Village, UT 84762
Telephone: 435-682-2526
Website: www.loosewheels.com

Outdoor Rental & Recreation

3559 N Main Street
North Logan, UT 84341
Telephone: 435-563-1500

Park City Mountain Resort

1310 Lowell Ave
Park City, UT 84060
Telephone: 435-647-5366

Park City Snowmobile Tours

2054 East 900 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Telephone: 801-870-5252

Pinewoods Resort

1460 E Duck Creek Ridge Rd.
Duck Creek Village, UT 84762
Telephone: 435-682-2512
Website: www.pinewoodsresort.com

Recreation Ventures

129 W 220 S
Frances, UT 84036
Telephone: 435-783-2987
Website: www.recreationventures.com

Rocky Mountain Outfitters

Strawberry Bay Road, Mile Marker 40, Hwy 40
Telephone: 435-654-1655
Website: www.rockymtnoutfitters.com

Rocky Mountain Recreation of Utah

Stillman Ranch Road
Oakley, UT
Telephone: 800-303-7256
Website: www.rockymtnrec.com


P.O. Box 981807
Park City, UT 84098
Telephone: 435-649-9445

The Cabins At Bear River Lodge

Mile Marker 49, Hwy 150
Summit County, UT
Telephone: 801-798-1008
Website: www.bearriverlodge.com

Thousand Peaks Snowmobiling

8300 East Weber Canyon Road
Oakley, UT 84055
Telephone: 888 304 7669
E-mail: info@thousandpeaks.com
Website: www.thousandpeaks.com

Toyitup, LLC

1208 S 2000 W Ste. A
Springvale, UT 84663
Telephone: 801-489-8697
Website: www.toyitup.com

TRAX PowerSports of Bountiful

715 W. 500 S.
Woods Cross, UT 84087
Telephone: 801-405-6900
E-mail: info@traxpowersports.com
Website: www.traxpowersports.com

TRAX PowerSports of Morgan

125 N. State Street
Morgan, UT 84606
Telephone: 801-447-5544
E-mail: info@traxpowersports.com
Website: www.traxpowersports.com

Uintah Recreation

1470 South, Hwy 40
Herber City, UT 84032
Telephone: 801-613-0288
Website: www.uintarecreation.com

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